About Carrie O`Callaghan

Carrie O’Callaghan discovered her passion for photography while living in East Africa. Her passion for the people, their faces and the stories their pictures told quickly overshadowed everything else. There she learned that the process of capturing a photo can build a connection in a way that words or gestures fail to. This process continues for her even today as she connects to a mother-to-be, new mother and father or child while photographing them.

Carrie began seriously working with pregnant women, babies and children after the birth of her first child, when she realized her passion for motherhood and childbirth. Demand for her work grew as she formed bonds with other new mothers and they began requesting she photograph their children.

“Candid portraits” are her specialty because they capture more than just a face on paper and tend to take on a more 3-dimensional feel than a traditional portrait.

As a new mom herself, Carrie quickly realized the value in making home visits to photograph newborns.

She works out of her house as well but is passionate about photographing people where they are comfortable. As a result, she also travels to private homes or on-site location in and around Portland and Bend, Oregon.